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Advanced Data Recovery Recovers Data From Crashed, Failed, Damaged & Bad External Hard Drives. An external hard drive is a drive that is not physically inside your computer but connected by wires (typically USB or Firewire) and sits in an enclosure beside your computer. Most people use these external hard drives to safely and securely back up their data. External hard drives are not directly connected to the internet or your main computer so if you get hacked into, experience a drive failure on your main disk, or damage, the external is not normally affected - keeping your backup data safe.


The disadvantages are that external hard drives don't usually have adequate cooling or ventilation devices which causee the disk drive to overheat. The number one cause of failure on externals is being dropped or knocked over while running. In either of these cases we can help you get your data back.


Whether your bad drive has caused data loss from failure in an electrical shortage, your drive crashed from physical damage, or become corrupted from a virus, formatting, etc, we can help recover your valuable data!

We have drive imaging hardware as well as talented, experienced, technicians who can manually take apart your drive and replace internal parts if needed.



Here's what to do if your external hard drive is dead, corrupted, crashed, damaged, or clicking...
  • Immediately turn off your drive and disconnect it until you have decided if it is worth recovery.
  • Do not to try any type of recovery or check disk on your failed or damaged hard drive. We cannot stress enough how important this is, as we often see these corrupted drives come in that could have been 100% recovered prior to an individual attempting to get their data loss back themselves. Our technicians are highly trained, but these attempts can really arrange and cut data or even scratch the platters to the point that either it is impossible to recover or requires us to physically take your drive apart in a clean room and replace parts to get your data back. Which can also increase the cost.
  • You have to decide yourself how important your data is to you.

We know your files are important to you and that every single person has data that would be impossible to replace. That is why we work so hard to help you get whatever precious information or photos you lost back, at a reasonable price.

Our goal is to keep our prices competitive and reasonable for our customers. If you're not sure how much you want to spend to find out if your data is recoverable, we offer a Free diagnosis! You can send it to us and get a professional opinion from one of our technicians. If your data is not recoverable, there is no charge. A diagnosis will let you know what is wrong with your drive and what needs to be done for recovery. When the diagnosis is complete we'll give you a firm price and get your approval to move forward.

Data Recovery from crashed, failed, corrupted external hard drives, requires time and patience to carefully take apart your hard drive without causing further damage. We have highly trained technicians that recover 1000's of drives a month. You can be assured with our experience and resources that your valuable data is being handled by the best technicians possible.


Our goal is to provide you with excellent service and 100% customer satisfaction, from our data recovery advisors who take your call, to the technician assigned to work on your drive. We will exhaust all venues for recovering your hard drive.

To reduce the chance of permanent loss of your data, we suggest that you leave it off and only let professionally trained data recovery engineers work on it.
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If your external hard drive is clicking, beeping or making any unusual sounds, turn it off and call for professional help....

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